USA may impose sanctions against the “Nord stream-2” in the spring

США может ввести санкции против «Северный поток-2» весной

The U.S. Congress in the spring of 2019 will consider a new law on sanctions against Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”.

About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to DW.

Earlier, US Ambassador in Berlin Richard Grenell has sent letters to German companies participating in the project of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”.

Letters Grenell received a German company involved in the project. This, in particular, energy company Uniper. Another message came to a subsidiary of BASF, Wintershall. In addition to these, the Nord Stream project 2 involved the Austrian OMV, the Dutch Shell and the French Engie.

Five of the companies mentioned are considered to be in the company Nord Stream 2 “financial investors”. For sanctions against them in the United States has created the legal framework CAATSA (“ON countering the opponents of the United States through sanctions”).

The law allows Washington to impose financial sanctions on individuals investing in the construction of Russian export pipelines. The restriction, according to CAATSA – no more than $ 5 million a year or $ 1 million lump sum. Sanctions under CAATSA will mean a loss of financial support for the project: each company according to the contract, makes the project for 950 million euros.

Richard Grenell in a letter to the German companies stated that “the pressure Washington to take action against the “Nord stream – 2″ grows”. Congress is considering another bill, which, according to the letter Grenelle also provides for sanctions against “Northern stream – 2”.

As for the new sanctions bill, which was mentioned Grenell, Congress is going to consider it this spring.