Update error: Samsung almost burned a mother and a child (VIDEO)

Ошибка обновления: Смартфон Samsung едва не сжег мать с ребенком (ВИДЕО)

Users of Samsung smartphones continue to complain about problems after updating the software. If the earlier complaints have been received on the new model, now it came to a relatively time-tested.

It is reported Vesti-UA.

The problem affected users of Samsung Galaxy S7 that have updated their devices to Android 8.0 Oreo. After updating to smartphones started endless reboot loop and eventually the gadgets refuse to work. In addition, after the updates, the machines have become noticeably warm.

The temperature of the smartphone reaches a threshold that sometimes they light up, as happened in the beauty of the Chinese city of Shangrao. As a result of fire phone Samsung miraculously did not hit a woman with a child.

As informs edition Daily Mail, a woman with a small child in her arms was sitting on the chair when Samsung suddenly erupted. The woman managed to escape but the fire was extinguished the employee lounge.

Also one Chinese user said that he updated the Samsung Galaxy S7 to Oreo in the beginning of June 2018. After “improvements”, the device began to overheat and spontaneously reboot. Then stopped to turn on the screen and later the device stopped booting at all.

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