Unlikely ! Arielle Dombasle pitche his Alien Crystal Palace : “a film in the’ Marvel (VIDEO)

Improbable ! Arielle Dombasle pitche son Alien Crystal Palace : "un film à la Marvel" (VIDEO)

Arielle Dombasle returns to directing with Alien Crystal Palace, a movie-mad on the quest for the perfect human being. The director has 60 seconds to make us want to see his film totally crazy !

This is the UFO of 2019. Alien Crystal Palace, whose name was created by a title generator, does not resemble any other work. For its fifth realization, Arielle Dombasle has collaborated with the rocker “gainsbarien” Nicolas Ker. The duo came to defend this crazy project during the edition 2018 of the Francophone Film Festival of Angoulême, where a first outstanding has been organized. Posted in bars, on corners of table, Alien Crystal Palace takes us back to the 70s, a period blessed by the theater where the amazing projects were still possible, the money from behind the artistic vision.

Of course, this vision is very strange. Starting with the pitch that it finds in the folder press. “A scholar, a preacher, manipulator of souls, steeped in esotericism seeks to recreate the ideal torque according to the gnosis of the Graeco-Egyptian reform, “The androgyne”, a man and a woman who are more than one : perfect love. But when he fails to accomplish his prodigy, he is condemned to do away with the subjects-the objects of his “experiences“.

Sequence of erotic dreams, plans, silent dialogues, sometimes incomprehensible… you might even be surprised by the appearance of impromptu of a phallus in a half erection… in Short, this film is a real UFO, who, let’s say it as it is, invites more of a sensory experience than a usual output in the rooms. If it is reserved for insiders, or fans of unusual adventures, we are happy that this kind of production totally crazy can see the light of day in 2019, or the economy has become the primary element of the production of a film. Of insanity, it must, and even if the result is perplexing, Arielle Dombasle has a good reason to let it express his hand art without worrying about the gaze of others.