“Unifying” the Council of December 15: What will happen in the Tomos of autocephaly is

«Объединительный» собор 15 декабря: Что будет в Томосе вместо автокефалии

Unity Council to obtain autocephaly will be held without the participation of the largest denomination, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Experts note that the government is trying to attract clergy administrative methods. But in the end, the new Church will not get independence, she tipped subordinate to the Constantinople Patriarchate.

Two orders, 20 subpoenas in the SBU

President Petro Poroshenko said that the unification Council, which will be created in the local Church, will be held December 15 in the St. Sophia Church of Kiev.

According to the Head of the state at this Council proclaim the establishment of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Ukraine, approve its Charter and elect a new Church leader. He will be invited to Istanbul, where he will receive the Tomos of autocephaly (decree on the Church autonomy). The President is going to personally escort the Primate of the new Church was in the Fanar area of Istanbul, which is the residence of the Patriarch of Constantinople.

“The Primate together with the President will go to Fanar in Constantinople, will be a very solemn service of God, and this service will serve two Primate – Patriarch Bartholomew and the newly elected Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church”, – said Poroshenko.

Anyway, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate will not take part in the unification Council, which will take place on December 15. The head of the Information Department of the UOC Archbishop Clement told the media: “the Council of bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which took place in the Abbey on 13 November, considered all the circumstances of the so-called Unification of the Cathedral and decided that it is non-canonical Assembly. The participation of the clergy of our Church, is impossible according to the Church-canonical reasons.”

Recall that the country’s largest religious denomination – the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate – receive autocephaly from Constantinople does not want to. On 13 November the Council of the UOC called the President launched the process of granting of the Tomos “artificial, imposed from the outside.”

But in the Unification Cathedral will be attended by 41 bishops of the Kiev Patriarchate, the UAOC 12 bishops and several representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), which are expected to participate contrary to the decisions of the Council of bishops of their own Church. Who are these people – not yet known.

Only the UOC has 90 bishops, 83 of them participated in the Cathedral on November 13. Not signed the conciliar decision one Hierarch – Metropolitan Vinnitsa, Simeon (Shostatsky). But on 19 November, the Metropolitan Simeon of Vinnytsia at the meeting of the clergy declared that conciliar decision, which previously refused to sign, is “binding on all bishops, clergy and faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.”

Political analyst Sergei Belasco then sneered that “roshenovskie gingerbread bishops did not lead”. He noted that Facebook President appeared compliments of the Metropolitan of the UOC sophronia (Dmitruk), publicly professed sympathies for autocephaly. Belasco reasoned that the President had a new “favorite”.

And on December 1, President Petro Poroshenko awarded the order of Yaroslav the Wise of the two Metropolitan bishops of the UOC. One award went to the Metropolitan Sophronius of Cherkasy and Kanevskomu (Dmitruk). Other Metropolitan Anatoly of Sarny and Polissya, the Manager Sarny eparchy of the UOC (Kyiv region).

It should be noted that on 30 November, the SBU handed summons for interrogation to the priests Sarny eparchy of the UOC. As reported by the outreach Department of the UOC, representatives of the Church was summoned to the Deputy chief of the investigations division. “A significant number of priests of the diocese of Sarny, as well as 20 priests of the diocese of Rivne received a summons for questioning as a witness, without any explanation, about to testify”, – reported in the UOC.

Instead of autocephaly – the primacy of Constantinople

Political analyst Kirill Molchanov believes that the Cathedral on 15 December will only be referred to as “backplane”, but in fact it is not appropriate for the Association. They say the government is trying to bring representatives of the UOC repressive methods. He reminded about the searches from the Abbot of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the searches in Zhitomir, Ovruch and Korosten, in the buildings belonging to the dioceses of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

“The Cathedral will be called a unification, but in fact, it does not adhere to any Association. Like 10 days ago, President Poroshenko is going to hold it – the big question. Unless administrative methods, strengthening the office of the SBU, call priests for questioning, to come to him with searches and arrests. In another case, to somehow organize this Cathedral will not work”, – said K. Molchanov.

He noted the lack of trust between the Kyivan Patriarchate and the UAOC on the issues of the Charter, on the nomination of the Primate. And judging by the text of the Statute, which proposed to the Constantinople, we are not talking about autocephaly, – the analyst believes.

Note that the media published a copy of the draft Charter of the new Church on the Greek and Ukrainian languages. If this document was approved by the Synod of Constantinople, the question of independence really is not.

So at the head of the new Church will be a Metropolitan and not a Patriarch. Instead, the Holy Synod adopted the so-called Annual Synod, consisting of 12 high priests, who change every year. The Patriarch of Constantinople, which will also be the final authority on all important issues. “On ecclesiastical matters, of great importance, requiring reflection and promotion of the Council of bishops in Ukraine is associated with the Ecumenical Patriarchate,” reads the document.

The draft Charter sets out the right of appeal to the Patriarch of Constantinople. He will make decisions on contentious issues. The Patriarch of Constantinople will approve the statutes of the Church units.

In the election of the head of the new Church word will be decisive of Constantinople. “If the vacant Department of the Kyiv Metropolis any insurmountable problems that violate the unity of the Church, reported the Ecumenical Patriarch, the first in the Orthodox Church, and he is taking actions to resolve this situation,” – quoted the project Charter media.

Kirill Molchanov doubts that this Charter will be approved without any problems to the unification Council. “There is no status of the Patriarchate, there’s only Archdiocese. In addition, it involves a complete submission to Constantinople on all issues. Filaret will not accept complete dependence on Bartholomew. The leadership crisis and the ambitions of the higher clergy just put an end to all these processes,” he said.

According to the analyst Ruslan Bortnik, the Cathedral will take place, but the process of creating a new Church structure went into a deep dead end. “Without the participation of the largest denomination, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the result will be doubtful,” he said.

UOC categorical: “Recognizing Raskolnikov mere Sana’a, the Patriarchate of Constantinople, according to Church rules, he embarked on the path of schism”, – stated in the conciliar resolution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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