Unfaithful : check out the blink of an eye TF1 to one of its productions in the series with Claire Keim and Jonathan Zaccai

Infidèle : découvrez le clin d'œil de TF1 à l'une de ses productions dans la série avec Claire Keim et Jonathan Zaccaï

The series Unfaithful has been the opportunity for TF1 to make a nod to the fiction that it had broadcast two years earlier.

For his first evening, Unfaithful, adaptation of the French tv channel TF1 of the british series Dr. Foster, has attracted more than five million viewers. a success for this story intimate about a couple whose wife, Emma (Claire Keim) discovers the infidelity of her husband Mattéo (Jonathan Zaccai). And this last one has not found better than to seduce Candice (Chloé Jouannet), the daughter of his best friend (Philippe Torreton).

In episode 4 of the series, to be broadcast Monday, January 14, and available in replay on MyTF1, Mattéo waiting in front of the tv on the sofa that Emma comes back from her appointment. What fiction looks ? By observing the screen, it is discovered that Mattéo watching a tv movie in which Anne Marivin sharing the bill with Charles Berling. Conclusion, Jonathan Zaccai is probably looking at the fiction You are my son, broadcast on TF1 in 2015.

Finally, this sequence is not just a reference of the string to one of his fictions. The sequence broadcast from a violent argument between the two characters played by Anne Marivin and Charles Berling. However, this scene is a kind of catharsis for the couple who dares to say what he weighs. This extract comes therefore highlight the have-known between Mattéo and Emma, the hero ofbeing Unfaithful. A feature story crafty, with a sequence of silent, ” says a hollow the words were exchanged between the heroes. The silence says it all. And to close the loop, You’re my son has been directed by Didier Fisherman who is none other than the director… of’Infidel !