“Under the whip will not go!” Lukashenka issued a sharp allusion to Putin

''Под плеткой ходить не будем!'' Лукашенко бросил резкий намек Путину

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko once again made allusion to the head of Russia Vladimir Putin, stressing that the Belarusians will always be free.

“Anyone who looks bad on us, will definitely say that the under the whip, we never we will not go”, – he said during a visit to the Temple-monument in honor of All Saints, according to “Belarus today”.

The President emphasized that Belarusians are proud, independent, tolerant and very kind people, who have always been good to all of its neighbors, including Russians and Ukrainians.

“Yes, and our Belarus is a multi – confessional Republic. And perhaps it would be right, if we send kind words to this our Feast, and members of other faiths. All those living in Belarus, though profess other religions, but recognizes that God is one,” – said Lukashenko.