Under the sun : what became of the actors since the end of the series ? (PHOTOS)

Sous le soleil : que sont devenus les acteurs depuis la fin de la série ? (PHOTOS)

Cult French-1990s, Under the sun has rocked many viewers on TF1. On the occasion of 51 years, Christine Lemler, January 14, check out what happens to the actors.

It is in an idyllic setting in the south of France, as French television-have discovered Laure, Caroline and Jessica in 1996. The three heroines of the series Under the sun has experienced many twists and turns during the fourteen seasons of the daily soap opera of TF1. They have tried to live to the best of their professional careers, their family life and their multiple romantic conquests.

Was due to a decrease in hearing, Under the sun has bowed out on December 20, 2008. However, a series spin-off, titled Under the sun of Saint-Tropez, was released upon march 2, 2013, and this, for two seasons. After all these years of broadcasting, a myriad of actors is increased, the time of a few or more episodes in the series to give the reply to the young women. Among the trio féminin, Bénédicte Delmas (Laure Olivier) has since decided to turn to the construction, in particular with the series” More beautiful the life and research Section.

Adeline Blondieau, the interpreter of Caroline, had she returned to her role in Under the sun of Saint-Tropez. She has also made a few appearances in a research Section , or Women of the law. The ex-wife of Johnny Hallyday has also embarked on the writing of a youth album, The Pochitos. Tonya Kinzinger, aka Jessica, has built-in 2013 the cast of the series, Dreams : 1 rêve 2 vies and co-hosted the season 9 of Star Academy sur NRJ 12. The following year, she participated in season 5 of Dancing with the stars on TF1. Discover the fate of the main actors of Under the sun in our slideshow.