“Under the full control of Russia”, Ukraine was offered a decision on the Azov sea

''Под полным контролем России'': Украине предложили решение по Азовскому морю

What is the solution found?

In light of the almost complete control of Russia over the sea of Azov, to talk about the plans for its demilitarization too late. Today, Ukraine faces quite different tasks.

Such opinion on air ObozTV was expressed by the head of the Center for military and legal researches of Alexander Musienko.

According to him, it is first necessary to continue the creation of a base of the Ukrainian Navy in the sea of Azov and to work out a land transfer of new ships.

“And the second is the reorientation of trade routes. The government, along with businesses need to think how we can ensure the logistics of those goods which are manufactured in Zaporizhia region and next, to refocus them to ports in the Black sea”, – explained Musienko.

He is sure that Ukraine should go the scenario of increasing capacity of the Ukrainian Navy, the Ukrainian Navy was really ready for the confrontation with Russia in the sea of Azov. As long as the forces are unequal.

“And you need to understand: 150 times we can say that Ukraine has the right on the Azov sea. Of course, there is. Right across there? Is. But how do we implement this today? Again, to the ships and endanger them?” – concluded the international.

''Под полным контролем России'': Украине предложили решение по Азовскому морю