Under house blockages in Magnitogorsk found a live parrot

Под завалами дома в Магнитогорске нашли живого попугая

Under the rubble of a collapsed apartment building in Magnitogorsk today, January 2, found living wavy parrot.

It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the city administration.

“Yes, indeed, today, rescuers found the living wavy parrot” – said the officials. A gas explosion in the apartment building entrance in Magnitogorsk occurred at 6.00 am on 31 December. “Country” has informed that from-under blockages of the blown-up house already got 14 dead. Only in the area of the collapse, lived 120 people, the fate of 27 of them remains unknown.

Also under the rubble of a house in Magnitogorsk a day later found the baby. He was taken for treatment to Moscow. According to rescue Peter Gritsenko, who was part of operation rescue, the child was saved largely because it was in almost perfect position: he was pressed to the linoleum and the wooden floor with a crib and mattress.

And the baby’s head was between elements of the Cabinet doors where the air. In addition, the boy was warmly dressed. And under it lay a fleece blanket, whereby he was separated he cold plate