Ukrainians in San Francisco held a rally in support of captured Russian sailors – news ZIK.UA

Українці у Сан-Франциско провели акцію на підтримку захоплених Росією моряків – новини ZIK.UA

While in the cities for a couple of hundred kilometers from the zone EP “tired of war”, in distant San Francisco the Ukrainians carried out the action in support of the sailors, illegally seized in the sea of Azov.

Reported Fund Come alive on the page in Facebook.

1 December 24 representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora, one of the main piers of San Francisco in morjachkom equipment lined up near the warship. The protesters were chained. They are Ukrainians. And they demanded the release by Russia of our sailors from the tug “Yana Kapu” and boats “Berdyansk” and “Nikopol”. 24 challenging figure – that so many sailors illegally captured by Russian special services.

According to Ostap Korkuna, member of the organization “Maidan San Francisco” and one of the organizers of the rally, the Ukrainians in the United States is trying to do everything possible to attract the attention not only of ordinary Americans to the events in Ukraine, but the American political elite. “In addition to conducting street actions we sign a petition to senators and congressmen, demanding in the shortest terms to consider the Congress a new package of tougher sanctions against Russia,” – commented on Korkuna.

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