Ukrainians began to “distribute” the apartment: who can get

Украинцам начали «раздавать» квартиры: кто может получить

Ukraine has again started to operate the state and municipal programs to encourage the purchase of housing to those in need of shelter.

Write about the Details.

In the office of the State Fund for youth housing held the first in 2018, the signing of agreements with 13 families who have registered to participate in the program “Affordable housing” in Kiev and Kiev region.

According to experts, the nomination of participants was pre-approved by the Commission of the Ministry of regional development and construction of Ukraine. After signing the agreement, the family will be able to Deposit open account its part of the value of the selected property and to receive state support for the purchase of apartments.

“And the whole country will be 148 happy families more. I note the signing of contracts will take place in most regions, including those where martial law is in effect, which should not lead to a narrowing of citizens ‘ rights, including the right to housing. And by the end of the year about 300 Ukrainian families will receive apartments thanks to the participation in this program. The way for them to own housing is as short as possible, as people choose apartments in buildings with a high degree of readiness” – said the expert on housing Sergei Room.

Recall that the interior of the apartment in the center of Kiev, designed by the famous Ukrainian designer Sergey Makhno, won the international Architecture award-the MasterPrize (USA). The award ceremony will be held in the well-known architectural project by Frank Gehry — the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (Spain).

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