Ukrainian cows can get into the Red book after 12 years – media

Украинские коровы могут попасть в Красную книгу уже через 12 лет - СМИ

If animal husbandry of Ukraine will not happen changes, in 2030, cows can be made to the Red book.

This opinion was expressed by Director of the group of companies “UKRINFORM” (Ukrlandfarming) Galina Kovtok, Vesti.

“In 1980, in Ukraine, there were 27 million heads of cattle, today, less than 40 years, we can talk about 3 million head. If so will go and further, in 2030, the cow can be entered into the Red book,” said Kovtok the material “DS”, “Agricultural engine of the country. As the gaining momentum of Ukrainian agriculture”. The reason, according to her, lies in the fact that beef production with a long payback period and is the most unprofitable direction in comparison with the production of pork and chicken.

“Chicken lives 35-40 days, the manufacturer gets money for it almost immediately. A pig’s pregnancy lasts three months, three weeks and three days, gives birth to 10 piglets and in five or six months each pig you have 100 kg of pork, which you can sell too quick payback. Well, the pregnancy of a cow is nine months, giving birth to one calf, and up to the time of slaughter it will take another 18 months. This is a very long payback period. Get 10% profitability in beef cattle is fantastic, it’s aerobatics,” explained Kotok.

It should be noted that before the farming was actively supported by the government: there was a subsidy on each head of cattle, VAT refunds, etc. today, However, the animal is already almost equal terms with the other companies and has no subsidies. According to experts Ukrlandfarming even the remaining 1500 UAH per cow per year does not save the situation. At the same time, large agricultural holdings are willing to work in the livestock sector of agriculture. The role of the state as they see it, to regulate, to create conditions for the spread of agrarian capital from crop production to livestock, to guarantee property rights and to ensure that the minimum guaranteed demand for livestock products.

Note that according to the state statistics service the number of cows in Ukraine on September 1, 2018 amounted to 2 million head, 3.4% less than as of 1 September 2017. As you know, currently, the subsidy for the maintenance is twice a year, on an irrevocable basis to business entities (legal entities) for each available on 1 January and 1 July 2018 a cow in the amount of 1.5 thousand UAH per head, two equal installments of 750 UAH for half a year.
The company Ukrlandfarming is a leader in the field of agricultural production in Ukraine, which manages more than 300 enterprises in 600 locations across the country. Estimates of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the company Oleg Bakhmatyuk control of the country’s largest Bank, the fertile black earth area of over 600 hectares and are among the largest taxpayers in Ukraine.

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