Ukrainian athlete slashed with a knife and robbed

Украинского спортсмена изрезали ножом и ограбили

World champion in freediving Ukrainian Alexander Bells during the Christmas holidays was the victim of a brutal robbery. The athlete went on Christmas in Brazil, where there was a nasty incident. About the terrible incident, the Bells announced on his page in Facebook.

During a walk in Rio de Janeiro, a man wandered into an unfamiliar street near the famous escadaria Selarón, where he was approached by several unknown and threatening with a knife, demanded to give valuable things.

“One pulled a knife and tried to remove the backpack, the other two was ripping off the pockets. In the end, I was left with the backpack, but without the phone, Bank cards and a small amount of money. I immediately jumped in a taxi and only realized there that wounded me and blood t – shirt already soaked, though squeeze. Asked the taxi driver to take me to the hospital – the driver agreed, knowing that the money I have not,” wrote Alexander.

The athlete has got seven stitches on his leg and two on the shoulder, and made a tetanus shot. Now life athlete is not in danger.