Ukraine prepares to create a new revolutionary weapons

Украина готовится к созданию нового революционного оружия

“Thunder” should be on the armed forces at the end of 2019

Operational-tactical missile complex (PTRC) “Thunder” the development of GP “CB “South” to them.Yangel” (Dnipro) must be in service on the APU end of 2019.

“Work is being carried out on the rocket, and over all complex. They are, unfortunately, not as fast as I would like: arise and technological complexity, and financial difficulties, and the artists and the customers. However, we expect that by the end of next year it will be possible to demonstrate this property in action,” – said the head of State space Agency of Ukraine (GKAU), Pavel Degtyarenko, reports

It should be noted that the creation of a new rocket complex of Ukraine is conducted in compliance with all, without exception, international limitation regimes in terms of range of this missile.

The timing of deliveries of the new PTRC “Thunder” in the APU also depend on pace of progress of the project VTS to establish an export version of the PTRC in the interests of the foreign partner, confirmed the head GKAU.

Recall that “Thunder” – operational-tactical missile system to destroy targets situated in the tactical depth of the enemy at a distance of 280 km from the starting point, namely: fire weapons (batteries of anti-aircraft missile systems, missile systems); aircraft and helicopters in the Parking lots airfields; objects of air and missile defense; command posts and communication nodes.

Earlier it was reported that the President of Petro Poroshenko said about the psychological effect of American weapons Javelin. He said that after the provision of US lethal weapons in the Donbass stopped tank shelling.

“I want to draw attention to the psychological results provide us with Javelin. As soon as the Russian tankers had heard that may be in this sector of the Ukrainian military, armed with Javelin, and fire and forget, the missile itself is teplovidenie at a sufficient distance will hit the tank, and he does not run away. We have now no tank attacks. This is the effect of only one type of weapon,” — said Poroshenko at the meeting with business representatives and the public in the Volyn region.

Javelin anti — tank missile complexes with teplovidenie sold Ukraine and the USA. First delivered in spring 2018. Ukraine is not the first to use Javelin in the Donbass, so the military experts originally said about the psychological effect of the weapon.

The US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker called Javelin weapons for defense, which should only be used if necessary to repel a tank attack.

“Of course, this purely defensive weapon which the United States provided to Ukraine in the result of the work of our diplomats, the government, the Minister of defense, and mine, will be used only in the case of a full-scale attack by fighters controlled by the Russian Federation. And will not be used for the escalation of the conflict in the Donbass,” Poroshenko said in may.