Ukraine has banned the popular drug against influenza

В Украине запретили популярный препарат от гриппа

Ukraine temporarily banned the sale and use of medicines Coldflu Indian production.

About it informs the state service for medicinal products and drug control.

In the text of the document says: “to Temporarily ban the sale and use of medicines “Koldflyu”, Indian production, series CG5702, CG15701, tablets No. 4 in the strips, due to the revocation of the certificate of conformity of production conditions”.

Now all pharmacies have to place this drug in quarantine to separate orders of the Administration.

As you know, Coldflu used in the symptomatic treatment of colds and flu, rhinitis of any etiology, including allergies, headaches, feverish conditions associated with inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

In addition to the “Koldflyu” the ban covers the following products:

  • “Rabbitfish”, tablets, film-coated, No. 4 (4×1) in the webcomic series GS01701, GS01702, GS01703. Medicine used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation of soft tissues.
  • “Kofeks” syrup, 60 ml bottle with measuring cap; 1 vial in a carton series GC11602, GC11603, GC11701, GC11702, GC11703, GC11704. It is credited for the treatment of dry, irritating, tiring cough.
  • “Lanza” capsules 30 mg No. 20 (10×2) in blister packs of series GL01701. Indications – peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum, gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • “Ensitel” tablets №100 (10×10) strips, series GE03701. Medication used for the symptomatic treatment of dyspepsia, flatulence.
  • “Tilda” tablets, film-coated, No. 200 (4×50) strips series GT01701, GT01702. Indications – acute pain, post-traumatic and postoperative pain syndrome.

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