Ukraine covered with snow: what’s happening on the roads

Украину засыпало снегом: что происходит на дорогах

The evening of 7 January 5 remain blocked highways

In Ukraine in connection with worsening weather conditions and heavy snow complicated the situation on the roads in most areas.

According to the “Ukravtodor” on the page in Facebook, develop a staff on liquidation of consequences of emergency situations, the condition of the coating on the roads of the state value in the majority of areas snow-covered passes

For the past day, 7th January, precipitation in form of snow and gusty winds to 20-25 m/s led to snow drifts up to a height of 80 cm on the roads in Zaporizhia region. For carrying out snow clearance work was limited traffic.

On the morning of 8 January, snow is observed in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kirovohrad, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions.

As the speaker of the state Goschs in the Zaporozhye area Yulia Barysheva channel “112 Ukraine”, the evening of 7 January 5 remain blocked roads, completely stopped the movement of passenger and freight transport, drifts in some areas reach 1 meter.

According to her, managed to clear about 140 km of the motorway in the direction of Primorsk, the works were involved in engineering the tank because of regular snow removal equipment could not cope with the amount of snow.

“As of 6:00 January 8 divisions GU of Goschs in the Zaporozhye region to assist the population as a result of adverse weather conditions were involved in 51 times. Rescuers freed 126 units, of which two carriages “ambulance”, 3 taxi, 16 trucks, as well as rescued 231 people. Fortunately, nobody was injured, and medical assistance, no one needed”, – she told.

Complex is the situation in Tokmachka, Berdyansk, Azov and Primorsky districts of Zaporozhye region.

In addition, in the Kharkiv region, the wind led to the formation of drifts in the Lozovsky, Bliznyukovsky, Izyum, Field, Shevchenko, Pervomaisk, Krasnograd areas.

Worked at roads 100 units of machinery and 140 workers of road economy. A day on a coating treatment used 199 cubic metres of sand and salt mixture.