Tymoshenko may have a serious opponent in the election

У Тимошенко может появиться серьезный оппонент на выборах

Reports replyua.net the leader of the party “VO “Batkivschyna” Yulia Tymoshenko may have a serious opponent among technical candidates in presidents of Ukraine.

The former TV host of “Straight”, but much earlier – “inter” Julia Litvinenko in an interview with his colleague in the journalistic profession Yevgeny Kiselyov has confirmed that in all seriousness and considers the proposal to run for President.

The fact that the main opponent of Litvinenko could well be the Julia confirmed by the presenter during the interview. According to Litvinenko, the ideology she is an extreme conservative, because liberal she was when he heard the first promises of Yulia Tymoshenko and believed in them, hoping that something will happen. His ideal in politics, Julia called the “iron lady” Margaret Thatcher.

According to Yulia Litvinenko, her positive rating because journalists love more than politicians. And then the presenter again remembered the statement of Tymoshenko, which, at the time, stated that she is a professional economist. Litvinenko said that if Julia really still considers himself a highly qualified economist, he should go to the University, topping the universities, teaches students how to avoid mistakes that were made by myself.