Two were walled up in the ceiling: after a funeral home found the remains of 11 babies

Двоих замуровали в потолке: В закрытом похоронном бюро обнаружили останки 11 младенцев

By order of the authorities of Detroit (Michigan, USA) police investigated a closed funeral home Cantrell. In the building discovered the remains of 11 babies: nine bodies of infants were found in a cardboard box, but two were walled up in the ceiling.

It is reported

The test of the burial Agency of the city of Detroit initiated after receiving an anonymous letter. Unknown sender described, where are the bodies of children and why they left in the Bureau. As specified in the local police, it was about the remains of stillborn babies – some of them identified.

The owner of the funeral home who bought it in 2017, admitted that he kept the body of the deceased to help their relatives who are not able to pay for the burial. This institution, located on Mack street in Detroit, closed in April due to very poor conditions. In the building when checking found moldy and decaying corpses, stored in non-refrigerated room. The Bureau could not pay for a license to provide funeral services and burial of the deceased.

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