Two cops in Miami : how Phil Collins used the series to get to know

Deux flics à Miami : comment Phil Collins s’est servi de la série pour se faire connaître

What lies there behind your cult series ? Tv-Leisure offers you to discover all the secrets of the tv series through our podcast : Previously. And this new issue is dedicated to Miami Vice (the Two cops in Miami).

If Miami Vice (Two cops in Miami) was the reflection of his time, by his mode of dress and his style of music, the series never ceases to inspire. Shot in 35-mm, like all of the series of the time, it has recently been restored in high definition from the negatives and is now available in Blu Ray. Dive into the universe of the first series in stereo and check out the firstfruits of his creation with this fourteenth issue of Previously, the podcast series of Tv-Entertainment to find every Wednesday on Tv-Entertainment and on the platforms, Apple’s podcasts, Spotify, ITunes or Deezer.

Of Dallas and Dynasty to Gossip Girl , and Games of Thrones , passing by the little house on The prairie : the tv series, we vibrate in decades. Today, thanks to the advent of platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, tv series are rooted in our daily lives. And the tv is not in rest ! Now, the chains are scrambling to create their own series such as Tomorrow belongs to us or even A great sun. Yet, our cult series still hiding many secrets. In Previously, the podcast of the Tele-Loisirs, we propose to you to discover them. And for this fourteenth issue, it is on a series of unique and original that we decided to look : Miami Vice (Two cops in Miami).