TV program : What movies to watch on tv on free channels ? (VIDEOS)

Programme TV : Quels films regarder à la télé sur les chaînes gratuites ? (VIDÉOS)

Tonight, France 2 pays tribute to Michel Legrand by streaming The young girls of Rochefort, Channing Tatum lives a testing day at the white house in White House Down (TF1), and the Fonda, father and daughter learn to understand each other in The lake house (Arte).

The young girls of Rochefort at 21h on France 2

The composer Michel Legrand died on Saturday 26 January 2019. Also, to pay tribute to his talent, France 2 has chosen to shake up its programs and will provide The young girls of Rochefort with Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac. The 1967 film directed by Jacques Demy, tells the story of two gorgeous twin sisters of 25 years, who live for and through music, not only to seek to meet the great love. Songs and music by cults, costumes and scenery, colorful, the film promises a good dose of good mood in your living room on that Sunday evening a little morose !

White House Down, at 21h on TF1

On the eve of an important summit, which will have global implications, the President Sawyer returns to Washington. It is at the same time as John Cale, a police officer at the Capitol, attempting to incorporate the secret services. After a failure, for not to disappoint his daughter Emily, he embarked with it in a tour of the White House. It was then that the building was stormed by heavily armed men. A production spectacular, conducted by the well-muscled Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx.

The lake house, at 20: 50 on Arte

Norman Thayer (Henry Fonda), a university professor in retirement, and his wife Ethel (Katharine Hepburn), come as every year to spend the summer in their second home in Golden Pond, a town at the heart of the Great Lakes region. Norman, who will celebrate his 80 years, seems somewhat bitter. Ethel, on the contrary, is always in a good mood. Their daughter Chelsea (Jane Fonda), who has never been able to get along with his father, pays a visit to his parents, in the company of his new friend, Bill, who has a son of 13 years. The teenager told the old couple, and a genuine friendship develops between Norman and him. Worn by great actors, a sensitive film and full of tenderness on the complex relationships between generations, won 3 Oscars.

See also : P. R. O. F. S., at 21h on C8 ; The Truth if I lie !, at 21h on W9.