Turkey may engage in armed confrontation with the US in Syria, an Arab scientist

Турция может вступить в вооруженное противостояние с США в Сирии – арабский политолог

Turkish army may enter into a direct armed confrontation with the forces of the Pentagon in the North-East of Syria.

This was stated by Arab analyst Hassan al-DAMI in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

As the expert noted, this will be the case if the Turkish military will begin the next phase of the operation against the Syrian Kurds, which Ankara considers terrorists, and the US – allies in the fight against the legitimate President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad. “It is likely that the Turks attack Kurds near the town of raqqa, where the focus is not only Kurdish, but also units of the American army, – he stressed. In turn, the U.S. will reserve the right to retaliate”. According to H. al-DAMI, United States forces have already equipped their observation posts in the area from Aleppo (Haleb) to Raqqa, citing the need to destroy disparate groups of ISIS. “In fact, America has made Ankara a warning,” said the analyst.

We will remind, recently Washington announced the dispatch to Syria elite units of the Pentagon. Earlier the Deputy of the Parliament of Turkey Ozturk Yilmaz officially accused the US of preventing a possible military operation TR in the SAR.

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