Trump said 7-year-old girl on the phone that Santa Claus doesn’t exist

Трамп сказал 7-летней девочке по телефону, что Санта-Клауса не существует

Seven-year-old Kallman Lloyd, in which the President of the United States Donald trump during a phone call, asked whether it is not too old to believe in Santa Claus, he said, that still believes in Santa.

Reported by the BBC.

“You still believe in Santa Claus? In fact, in the seven years he’s marginal, right?” – trump said the girl. She admitted she doesn’t know the meaning of the word “marginal”, so I just agreed with the President.

However, the girl was pleased to have the opportunity to speak with the President.

She added that after talking with trump, she and her family left sugar cookies and chocolate milk with ice to Santa Claus. And in the morning received a gift under the tree.

Note that Donald trump and his wife Melania took part in the “NORAD tracks Santa”, when various media channels, social networks and on a special website reported about a fictional route that father Christmas flies from the North pole. The program involved a large group of volunteers taking calls from children, some calls were received at the White house, where children talked to the President and his wife.

Recall that Donald trump has changed in the American farmer, with a pitchfork sang a song from the popular American Comedy series 1960-1970-ies “Green spaces”. The corresponding video is published in the Twitter of the President of the United States.