Trilateral gas talks in Brussels will not stop launching the “Nord stream – 2” – expert

Трехсторонние газовые переговоры, прошедшие в Брюсселе, не остановят запуск «Северного потока – 2» - эксперт  

Trilateral gas talks in Brussels will not stop launching the “Nord stream – 2”, with the result that Ukraine will lose 2-3 billion dollars.

About this in comments to Voice of UA, said political analyst on international Affairs Andrew Buzarov.

“We need to understand that “Nord stream-2″ will be implemented under almost any circumstances. And the recent talks in Brussels will not affect this process. Countries-participants of the project see it as a strong economic component, and to stop they will not. Ukraine will lose 2-3 billion dollars from the transit of gas after the launch of Nord stream – 2”, – said the expert.

According to experts, Ukraine will lose only part of the transit potential, but it can be partially restored over time.

“However, Ukraine still retain part of the transit. Moreover, on the basis of the trend of increasing gas consumption in Europe, the transit will grow. So there is a real possibility over the years partly to compensate for lost transit potential,” the expert added.

In addition, Buzarov noted that the “gas issue” remains extremely popular today and around it there is a lot of political discussions.

“In Ukraine, the transit issue will be used actively in the new political season. Especially ahead of the elections. Almost all key political parties have an official position on this issue, which is regularly voiced. So BPP “Solidarity” called the project “Northern stream-2” is absolutely political, aimed against Ukraine and has no economic component. Co-chair of the Opposition bloc Yuriy Boyko, by the way, voiced the position that in order to preserve our CTA needs to negotiate with Russia under the auspices of the European Commission – in order to guarantee a certain amount in case of triggering of the bypass pipeline. In fact, such talks were held recently in Brussels. The Chairman of the faction “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko, in turn, urged the Verkhovna Rada to appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the President of Ukraine with a request to conduct with the European Union consultations regarding the implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU on the issue of the inadmissibility of the construction of the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2″. Anatoly Gritsenko, for example, do not believe that Ukraine will lose a lot from the construction of the pipeline, arguing that Ukraine’s economy was losing a lot of money on stolen gas from the GTS and it is a much bigger problem than the construction of a bypass pipeline”, – concluded the expert.

We will remind that Participants of tripartite negotiations Ukraine-EU-Russian Federation on 26 September 2018 in Brussels discussed the issues of gas demand in the EU.

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