Trend: how to achieve the effect of “mirror” hair

Trend: how to achieve the effect of "mirror" hair
Trend: how to achieve the effect of “mirror” hair
This summer, the smooth short bean again regained the title of the most fashionable hairstyle. With such a haircut we saw Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Olivia Kalpo, Jenna Devan and many other stars. But in the coming season, the classic hairstyle received an upgrade: now in favor, shiny, polished to a mirror shine hair. We understand what glass hair is.

First in Korea arose the term glass skin (they began to designate a clean, glass-transparent skin), and now the trend grows on the “glass” hair – perfectly smooth and shiny.

The stylist Jennifer Yepes was one of the first who introduced this trend into fashion. She published in her Instagram a photograph of Haley Baldwin, who demonstrated a glass hair in the most luxurious of its manifestations: a shock of hair that seemed to be polished, and then “seasoned” with a highlighter. Yepes used the primer Ciment Thermique Blow Dry Primer, Kerastase Resistance, mousse for styling Densifique Densimorphose Hair Mousse and cream Creme Magistrale.

This is a new reading of the hairstyles created in the 60’s by Vidal Sassoon. According to the “New York Times”, it was he who made women’s haircuts minimalistic and elegant – just “The Beatles” from the hairdresser’s art. The most effective hair style looks on the hair length to the shoulders and with geometric haircuts,

– says the famous hairdresser Cash Louless.

If you want to repeat this hairstyle at home, you will need only two devices. First, pull the strands using a round brush (the nozzle of the hair dryer should be held vertically and directed downwards to smooth the scales of the hair), then straighten the hair with a ceramic-coated iron, and use glossy gloss as the final touch.

Trend glass hair has already tried on Dua Lipa, Kelly Rowland, Lucy Hale, Jordan Dunn, Jennifer Aniston and many other celebrities.

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