Tragedy on the hunt in the village Plop-Stiubei of the Causeni rayon

 Трагедия на охоте в селе Плоп-Штюбей Каушанского района

The death of hunting in the village Plop-Stiubei Kaushanskaya district. Shot 69-year-old resident Carquest. Made his 38-year-old hunter. According to him, he was aiming at a Fox, but then discovered that the wounded red dog and killed a man.

The shooter himself called the police and pleaded guilty. A hunting rifle he owned legally. The body of the deceased sent for forensic examination.

“A criminal case in accordance with article 145 of the Penal code. The shooter will is located during the period of investigation at large. If its fault is proved, to it threatens till 15 years of imprisonment”, – said the press-Secretary of the districts of Causeni, SP Sylvia Branch.