Tons of herring was thrown by a strong storm on one of the coasts of the Kuril Islands (VIDEO)

Тонны селедки выбросило сильным штормом на один из берегов Курильских островов (ВИДЕО)

On the shore of Iturup island (Kuril Islands) Saturday, December 29, threw thousands of herring.

Mass discards you can learn from videos on YouTube.

The footage clearly shows how the entire coast was covered with herring. Local residents decided to collect the fish in bags. “Dear friends! A gift to us for the New year. The herring around the coast of Iturup threw tonight. This is real fishing!” says the author of the video.

The reason for this mass release of fish to shore is very heavy storm. In the area of thermal spring “Bath” herring thrown with almost every wave.

Eyewitnesses claim that in recent times in the Kuriles similar storm occurred in 80-ies of the last century.

Earlier, the team’s research vessel Nautilus are captured under water with a strange creature. Outwardly, it was like a balloon with a tail-rope. A few minutes later, it “floated” in the water, and then turned in a graceful snake and swam away.

“Open your mouth, say “A”, if on this appeal of the expedition ship Nautilus said deep-sea fish-Pelican or Ballarat, which is very rarely seen in a sea of people with cameras.

“What is that anyway? It’s a fish?! Wow!”, — heard on the video that was made by the members of the expedition.

When approached they could see that “rope” where you in the water balances the dark “balloon” is the tail. Upstairs — transparent fin. A ball around — it mouth. People caught fish Pelican during lunch.

Eel-like fish-Ballarat — the only member of the genus Eurypharynx and the family Eurypharyngidae known to ichthyologists. It is capable to open the jaws almost 360 degrees and catch the food. Scientists have suggested that the video — fry, as adult can reach a length of one meter.

Footage of a miraculous transformation of the underwater monster in three days was viewed over a million times.

Also we will remind, according to the frozen fish store in Kiev ran a cockroach.