Today the IMF will decide on further cooperation with Ukraine

Сегодня МВФ примет решение о дальнейшем сотрудничестве с Украиной

The international monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday, December 18, will consider the issue of continuation of cooperation with Ukraine.

This is evidenced by the IMF data, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

Meeting of the Board of Directors of the IMF on the issue of cooperation with Ukraine in the framework of the funding programme stand-by arrangement (SBA) is EFF (eff program) is scheduled for December 18.

On 5 December, the Cabinet approved the draft of the letter of intent and Memorandum on cooperation with the International monetary Fund under the stand by program.

Earlier, on 13 December, the IMF official Jerry rice said that the IMF Board of Directors on 18 December will determine the total quantity and delivery date for tranches under the program of support for economic policy (stand-by arrangement, SBA).