To the Ground at high speed approaching “hurricane” of dark matter

К Земле на огромной скорости приближается "ураган" из темной материи

In the journal Physical Review D has reported that across the Solar system follows the flow of some substance. Moving with great speed that flying to us is a mystery.

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At the moment, dark matter is not studied, so it is approaching the Earth – the chance to finally learn at least some facts. Substance cannot be seen, you can not touch it. It can only be detected in the analysis of electromagnetic radiation in outer space.

Fixed the dark matter specialists from the University of Leicester. Caught signal may disclose the existence of axions – some of the particles that make up dark matter.

According to experts, the substance should not pose a danger to living beings. I hope it will be so. While it is unknown when dark matter passes by our planet and it will be able to study a little scientists. By the way, the substance is a quarter of all matter in the Universe.