To the editor of the opposition newspaper, the Russian Federation planted a severed head (PHOTOS)

В редакцию оппозиционной газеты РФ подбросили отрезанную голову (ФОТО)

In Moscow unknown persons for several days organize provocations against the journalists of the opposition newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” on 17 October, the building where the editorial office, tossed a funeral wreath with a threatening one of the journalists, and October 18, there was found a basket with a severed head of a RAM.

Write about the Facts.

This time in the basket of found threats, the entire editorial staff and its journalists.

В редакцию оппозиционной газеты РФ подбросили отрезанную голову (ФОТО)

In connection with the incident, the journalists made a statement in which threats associated with the messages in social networks about the alleged disclosure by journalists of personal data of Russian pilots fighting in Syria.

Also in the wording of the claim that slander and fakes lead to wars, murders and attacks on public figures and journalists.

“People who unleashed the social media campaign against Novaya Gazeta and its journalists are well aware of the consequences of all these letters in an atmosphere of hysteria and hatred, which in Russia has now reached exorbitant heights,” — said in a statement.

It is noted that the police conduct investigative activities.

Earlier in Petersburg unknown persons threw several smoke bombs in the Lenin square.

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