To tears: the Network moved the blind and deaf husky, who in spite of what the learned master (VIDEO)

До слез: Сеть растрогал слепой и глухой хаски, который несмотря ни на что узнал хозяина (ВИДЕО)

A resident of the U.S. city of Spokane (Washington state) took video of the touching moment of the meeting blind and deaf puppy husky your host Forrest Bray.

It is reported by The Sun.

Dog named Opal born suffering from blindness and deafness, but this does not prevent him every day to meet your favorite person from work. In the video you can see how the dog patiently waits for his master in the yard.

Smelling the scent of the young man, Opal immediately rushes to meet him, showing his love and devotion.

Previously, the network was shocked by the meeting with the dog owner after three years of separation. Video of the meeting of man with his four-legged friend instantly made the rounds on the social networks, where users have admitted that they could not hold back tears when watching touching footage.

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