To survive the cold: that is, not to freeze

Пережить морозы: что есть, чтобы не мерзнуть

It turns out that a huge impact on thermoregulation of the body has diet. In other words, in winter you should include in your menu foods that will help the body to warm up better and maintain the temperature of internal organs and metabolic processes.

The reasons for the “wolf’s appetite”

In the cold season, the appetite greatly increases, and this is perfectly normal, experts say. The fact that to keep warm the body needs a lot of energy, and the easiest and fastest way to get a good lunch. This, by the way, one of the reasons why winter is so hard to lose weight (the body tries to keep internal resources) and why not recommended a strict diet (the body needs “fuel”).

“To lose weight in the winter, especially on radical diets, it is not recommended, says nutritionist Lyudmila Babich. – However, this does not mean that you can eat everything and not to follow him. Many foods and drinks to warm completely useless. All sorts of sweets, cakes, muffins quickly warm, but their energy quickly runs out, thus burdened digestion, and you will feel heaviness in the stomach. The body will throw all the forces on the digestion of a heavy meal, warm and full simply can not. Therefore, the winter diet should be taken very seriously”.

Expert advises to choose not fat, but high in calories and at the same time harmless for the figure foods rich in carbohydrates are “long-acting”. In no case do not limit the “right” carbohydrates, because they are the main suppliers of energy. This means that the diet should be more cereals, vegetables, greens and fruits.

Vitamins and hot tea

To maintain internal body temperature the body needs not only calories, but also vitamins with trace elements. For this purpose the diet should be fruits and vegetables. And sauerkraut – record the content of vitamin C, dairy products and lean meat, liver. Do not be amiss to drink a course of multivitamins.

“Lean on all the citrus fruit and eat more “herb” – parsley, green onions, lettuce, salad leaves, celery, etc.,” advises the doctor.

A great way to warm up a Cup of freshly brewed black or green tea. In the cold season it is important not to violate drinking regime and every day, in addition to warm drinks, to drink clean water without gas.

“To warm the body after a long stay in the cold, drink fragrant herbal teas. Well strengthen the immune system infusions of rose hips and hawthorn, tea with the addition of viburnum, a warm drink made from sea buckthorn. These drinks, with vitamins C, phosphorus, iron, potassium, copper and magnesium stimulate the body’s defenses and actively fight infections,” says the doctor.

Perfectly warm in cold weather and green tea, and this drink is rich in antioxidants and helps remove excess fluid and toxins from the body.

Rules menu

– Breakfast – porridge. Buckwheat or oatmeal or muesli or rice – that is the most healthy food in the morning, which will energize energy and will not freeze in the cold. And cereal with milk improves digestion.
At lunch or second Breakfast – a banana or persimmon. They have a lot of substances that contribute to the production of the hormone of happiness, and in winter we do not have enough.
– Lunch needs to be hot. Otherwise the body can not keep warm in the street, moreover, it accelerates the metabolism and accelerates blood circulation.

Dark chocolate and tea with milk

Different food provides different thermal effect. When there is enough carbs (it is a General rule), the highest warming properties of protein food – meat, fish, dairy. So before going out into the cold to eat a piece of hot boiled chicken is almost mandatory. Well, if you already ate and are not hungry, drink some hot tea with milk. This thermal drink is not be amiss after coming from the street.

“The frost is very useful for products that stimulate and at the same time soothe the nerves. This, for example, the familiar dark chocolate. Just a few pieces a day (i.e. not more than a quarter of the tiles in a day) will not only improve your mood and will help to keep warm in the cold, but will not affect the figure,” – said the doctor.

Spices “warm up” the blood

To maintain heat the body and cause the blood to circulate more quickly (and therefore warm the body), add in the winter more spices in any food. They not only make everyday dishes more appetizing and flavorful, but also help to cope with viruses and even increase vascular tone.

“Black pepper due to the high content of the alkaloid capsaicin invigorates, AIDS digestion and strengthens blood vessels. At the same time, if the season their meals before leaving the house, you won’t freeze in the frosty street. Pepper perfectly cleanses the blood vessels and reducing the clotting of blood, and this extra “bonus” in the cold,” said the doctor.

Ginger is another helpful winter spice. Tea with his addition perfectly warm on arrival home or office, this will invigorate and maintain the tone of blood vessels. Ginger is recommended to be consumed daily, as an antiseptic in sore throat, respiratory catarrh, as well as prevention of viral diseases.

Cinnamon should also be in the diet, as it dilates the bronchi, stimulates the respiratory functions and it is very important for those who are constantly going in winter with a stuffy nose and sore throat.