To strengthen the immune system during colds helps with sauerkraut and fish

Укрепить иммунитет в период простуд поможет квашеная капуста и рыба

The most simple and affordable products for regular consumption not only positively affect the body, but also protect it from harmful bacteria.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

In the most simple rustic treat – sauerkraut – more vitamin C than citrus fruits! And she’s perfectly affects digestion and compensates the lack of valuable trace elements and minerals. It is desirable that b cabbage was homemade, made without vinegar. Well, if “flavor” it with vegetable oil and green onions, you get a real vitamin bomb, says an expert.

Almost all hot and spicy natural spices have positive effects on immunity. Red and black pepper, cloves, coriander, rosemary and other spices. Well, record on combating flu and other viruses, garlic.

“It contains the natural antibiotic allicin, which effectively combats pathogenic bacteria and viruses and also helps prevent complications of the disease. Just one clove a day has a comprehensive prevention prescription,” says the doctor.

On the table regularly should be saltwater fish, especially salmon, mackerel, herring, and vegetable oil, especially Flaxseed, sunflower, pumpkin and olive are rich in vitamin D, which actively inhibits and fights bacteria and viruses. In the cold season the level of this vitamin is drastically reduced due to lack of sunlight, which negatively affects the immune system. To avoid this, lean on fatty fish and refill the salad natural oil. So vitamin D is not destroyed in the cooking process, the fish is best steamed or baked in the oven.