To resist the appearance of the first wrinkles will help simple home treatments – beautician

Противостоять появлению первых морщин помогут простые домашние процедуры - косметолог

In the cold season of fine lines and wrinkles are formed faster and therefore special attention should be paid to nutrition and hydration of the skin and to get rid of the existing problems and improve the skin experts advise every morning to massage from wrinkles.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the cosmetician Tatyana Fast.

Due to lack of sunlight temperature difference, frost or high humidity in the autumn-winter period the process of formation of wrinkles is accelerated. To combat this, experts recommend to regularly do a hydrating mask to moisturize the skin, and also to accustom themselves daily to do a gentle massage that supports its tone.

“The skin also needs training. Exercises that strengthen the muscles of the face and the pull-up circuit, – a great many to find them in Internet is not difficult. Do not be lazy to do them at least every other day, and even better – every morning or evening before bedtime. In order to effect a more rapid and tangible, don’t forget to do a facial massage. For example, there is a complex which includes a very simple but effective exercise: First, tightly press a palm to his forehead and slowly try to move the skin up then down, as if trying to overcome the resistance of the hands. This and the subsequent exercises do at least 10-15 times.

Next, close your eyes, put your hand on your hand on the top of the forehead. “Slide” up the skin and lower the eyebrows.

Lightly massage like stroking the forehead from temple to temple right and left hands.

The index fingers of both hands pressed to his forehead near the eyebrows and trying (with resistance) to move them slightly down. After that, do the same thing but not move and purse the forehead. It will take no more than 10-15 minutes, but the effect will not keep itself waiting long” – says the expert.

According to the expert, smoothes wrinkles warm massage. For this, you need the usual tablespoon. Heat it in a glass of hot water (it should be very warm but not too hot), – dip it in vegetable oil. While it’s warm, the convex side stroking the face from the nose to the ears, cheeks, under the chin, on the neck, go over the forehead and circular movements, pay special attention to the contours of the face. The first time is enough to go face for a minute or two. And then with each massage increase the procedure time to a minute and a half. After the massage properly rinse the excess oil and apply on skin moisturizer,” advises the specialist.

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