To provoke headaches can Smoking and poor diet doctor

Спровоцировать головные боли может курение и плохой рацион - врач

An unbalanced diet and bad habits can cause the occurrence of migraines, especially high risk in winter with changeable weather.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya

Bad habits not only affect the functioning of certain organs of the body, but can cause severe migraines. Frequent headaches and meteozavisimosti, Smoking contributes to the frequent occurrence of migraines and their intensity. Not the best way to keep warm in the cold experts believe and alcoholic beverages.

“Alcohol warms you up really quickly, but after going vasospasm causing substantially disturbed thermoregulation of the body. If you completely give up bad habits, you can not, do not smoke, at least when the weather changes or when it is “cracked” head. Cigarettes provoke a sharp spasm of blood vessels, and this only amplifies the pain,” – said the expert.
It is also important to abandon, at least for a while from fast food, convenience foods, too heavy and fatty foods, all meats and canned goods.

During changes in the weather doctors recommend to limit coffee and coffee drinks if you are prone to increase in pressure or atherosclerosis.

“But for the hypotensive (under reduced pressure) a few SIPS of coffee can be the best medicine. So, before to do something, after all you should find out the indicators on the blood pressure,” warns the doctor.

It should also be added that, according to the doctor, in the cold intensely adrenal glands produce the stress hormone, can result in a bad mood, bursting head and reduced efficiency. Experts call this condition meteonevroz. He, by the way, may even lead to a prolonged depression and migraines. This will help avoid foods rich in trace elements and vitamins – citrus, sorrel, parsley, tomatoes, olives, beef liver, red caviar.