To prepare for Epiphany bathing need in advance – the doctor

Готовиться к крещенскому купанию нужно заранее - врач

January 19 Orthodox celebrate Epiphany. One of the main traditions of this day is dipping into the hole. It is believed that this ritual gives strength, health, vitality for the whole year. Experts do not have anything against such a ritual, provided that you have been preparing for.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the enemy Dmitry bugri.

Religious people say that even when it’s bitter cold, catch cold in the ice-hole is almost impossible. The water this day special – it heals and does not contribute to the disease.

However, the point of view of medicine is somewhat different: before plunging into the ice cold water, to be well prepared.

“To begin a gradual hardening of the body need more in the summer that used for Baptism to be fully ready to plunge into the pond. And blindly succumb to the hype with bathing in rivers and lakes in the early morning of January 19, not worth it. It is quite another thing – if you find this a matter of faith, then I have no right to comment on something. Moreover, the history and official medicine known cases where people really were healed from serious illnesses only because they believed in miracles and healing.

If, just a fad – it is better to postpone for the next year, and how to prepare your body,” advises the doctor.

Doctors say that for an untrained person immersion in ice water is a short – term, but a lot of stress. Therefore, if you have sick heart, it is better to go to Church and colonies in the bathroom at dawn – they say in the Baptism even of the taps pouring sacred water.