To combat the effects of snowfall in the capital, brought all the equipment control Exdrupo

 На борьбу с последствиями снегопада в столице вывели всю технику управления Exdrupo

Chisinau city hall has asked for the assistance of the Central authorities in clearing the roads of snow. Talked about this at the morning meeting of the crisis staff. And in the evening announced the preliminary results – on the road brought all the equipment control Exdrupo. 36 special vehicles used in clearing pavements and roads in the courtyards of apartment buildings. Also employs more than 400 workers.

According to Kogarasu, the priority is clearing the roads to schools, kindergartens and clinics, public transport. Road builders working in the capital until late at night. Some will finish the duty at five in the morning.

“Without the police we are not able to clear the road. Crews escorted the buses on the main streets. But as soon as they clear, you have to go back again. Therefore, we ask you to bring additional equipment and people,” says Deputy mayor of Chisinau Nistor Grozavu.

“Mr Grozavu, of course we will intervene. We ask to inform about everything in a crisis, and hence the information will be provided to the Ministry of defense, Ministry of interior and other agencies that can help in this situation,” – said the Minister of economy and infrastructure, the Premier.

Before lunch in Chisinau has used more than 600 tons of chemicals. Acting mayor personally inspected the work of construction workers.

Hincesti highway cleared. Transport movement is restored.

To facilitate the access of special equipment, public transport reduced. Articulated trolleybuses was sent to the parks, instead they brought additional buses. And one of the busiest intersections put up a tent for first aid. There are on duty doctors of the Inspectorate-General of the carabinieri, and the frozen citizens are offered hot tea.

People, however, they took up shovels to clear sidewalks and driveways.

“Very nice. I’m glad to come this winter. However, it is necessary to work”.

“We’ve been waiting for snow. The problem, of course, but the weather is still beautiful.”