To capture the two seas in Ukraine has exposed a new plan of Russia

Захватить два моря: в Украине разоблачили новый план России

Russia continues aggressive actions against Ukraine and pushes its sea-coasts, resorting to the creeping offensive in the Azov and Black seas.

As stated by the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak, the aggressor country does it under the pretext of exercises, reports the “direct”.

He stressed that the armed forces perform tasks of patrolling in the sea of Azov not yielding to provocations.

“The threats that we have, we react to them. The provocation that Russia wanted to use in order to aggravate the situation in Ukraine and on the border, and, perhaps, this provocation to use to open aggression — they failed, and they know it. Because our sailors were very confident they did not violate any regulation, no law and gave no reason for Russia started this aggression,” he said.

The Minister explained that Russia is creeping into the attack in order to complicate the movement of merchant ships.

“And not only Ukrainian. Because, you know, when they ignore the area of the exercises, the cost of the product they carry, it will be much more. Therefore, such a situation that they created in the sea of Azov, they are now transferred to the Black sea”, — he added.