Tina Kunakey tackle, wickedly those who criticize her relationship with Vincent Cassel

Tina Kunakey tacle méchamment ceux qui critiquent son couple avec Vincent Cassel

While Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey expecting their first child, this happy event is not the happiness of all. Attacked by an internet user to his great age difference with the future dad, Tina Kunakey has replicated stinging.

Vincent Cassel and his girlfriend Tina Kunakey flow of happy days in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the couple is installed. After being married on August 24, 2018 at mairie de Bidart, the two lovebirds are expecting a happy event for 2019. This is the 1st of January, on Instagram, that lovers have unveiled original way the pregnancy of the lovely model. If Vincent Cassel is already father of two children, his ex-girlfriend Monica Bellucci, this will be the first baby of the couple. And, the husband cannot help but share their happiness with their followers, Tina Kunakey documenting the evolution of his round belly.

But the happiness of the spouses does not seem to be shared by everyone. Then she invited users to ask him questions in his stories Instagram, Tina Kunakey has thus found itself the target of criticism over her relationship with Vincent Cassel and especially their age difference. The lovebirds have, in fact, the 31-year spread, the beautiful model who is 21 years of age and the actor is 52 years old. A user is thus allowed to make the remark offensive : “Your son will have a mother and a grandpa”. A comment that is not at all past.

Tina Kunakey immediately replicated and down angrily on the culprit in throwing her “And you always no brain”. This is not the first time that the lovers are victims of attacks, including on their age difference, of the criticism that has proliferated since the announcement of the pregnancy of the young woman. But you can not let it go for the couple who, each time, responds in the way broadside at his critics. Nothing and no one will come to spoil their happiness.