Through hundreds of millions of years on Earth will be a new supercontinent scientists

Через сотни миллионов лет на Земле появится новый суперконтинент - ученые

The movement of tectonic plates gave scientists the idea of creating in the distant future, a new supercontinent. This can happen in hundreds of millions of years.

It is reported

There are several scenes in which everything develops. Each continent scientists have given a custom name. So, the most obvious developments is the emergence of the continent Nowapara. It is formed by the extension of the Atlantic ocean: America is connected to Antarctica, and later they will join the Africa and Eurasia.

If the Atlantic ocean will remain the same, then formed the continent of Pangea Ultima. It will consist of the following continents and territories as Africa, the European part of Eurasia and America.

In the case of closure from the Pacific and the Atlantic will appear the territory of Aurika. And the last option – the emergence of Amasya in the movement of tectonic plates to the North where they connect (at the North pole).

Earlier it became known, when Antarctica will go under water.

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