Three video bloggers died in a Canadian waterfall

Three video bloggers died in a Canadian waterfall
Three video bloggers died in a Canadian waterfall
Ryker Gamble, a popular video blogger with YouTube, specializing in travel and adventure, and his two colleagues from the channel on extreme travel “High on Life”, Alexey Lyakh (Alexey Lyakh) and Megan Scraper (Megan Scraper), died After an accident with a waterfall north of Vancouver.

A spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed “The Hollywood Reporter” that three bodies were recovered from the Shannon Falls. At first, the coroner’s office refused to identify the dead as their families were asked not to disclose their deaths.

But on Friday, other members of the YouTube channel “High on” posted a video that mourned “three of our very dear friends.”

“In fact, there are no words that can be chosen to alleviate the pain and emptiness that we are all experiencing now. They were the three warmest, kindest, most energetic guys you could ever meet. They lived every day in full, “- said the video.

Gamble and Lah, both 30, were killed after they jumped into the Shannon Falls to save the 29-year-old Skreper after she apparently slipped and fell into the watery abyss. The police are investigating whether they shot a scene for their channel “High on Life” shortly before the accident with the waterfall. Bloggers already had problems with the law, having penetrated in 2016 in the forbidden zone of Yellowstone.

The channel “High On Life” has 500 000 subscribers. On the Instagram Gamble page, @highonlife, there are about 1.1 million followers.

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