Three people found dismembered in the Thai resort

 Трех людей нашли расчлененными на тайском курорте

Beheaded bodies of two men found in Thailand in two popular tourist resorts, was reported by Australian newspaper Also not far from Bangkok fishermen found a severed female head with long hair.

One of the male bodies in the wrist has three new tattoos in the form of inscriptions in Latin. On his neck the experts found several cuts. The body was found near the beach May Rampueng. According to pathologists, the death of the man came about a week ago, reports 360tv.

A second decapitated body was found 10 kilometres down the coast from the first to the beach area of Rayong. The man died three days before the first. About the second man’s body law enforcement officers did not report any special features.

Female head was discovered in the sea near the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. It was found by fishermen. According to experts, the head was in water at least three days.

The identity of all three victims yet to be ascertained. The consequence considers that all three deaths may be linked. About any working versions of what happened the police are not misleading.

Places in which was discovered the body and severed head, are popular with tourists. The beach May Rampueng even one of the most famous attractions of the region. Rayong in turn popular among young people because of the possibility to retire.