Three effective tips on how to save fuel in the winter

Три эффективных совета, как сэкономить топливо зимой

Difficult operating conditions significantly increase fuel consumption, says the Politek.

Warming up. When the vehicle and the aggregates in the cold, in these conditions consumes more fuel. Many car owners spend hours warming your car in winter, thereby wasting fuel, not realizing that when the car is in motion, it warms up better and faster. Warm up for 2-3 minutes is sufficient, after which you can smoothly, without sudden acceleration to go.

Snow noticed. Before the trip to the car to clear of snow and ice. First, snow noticed is excess weight, and they create more aerodynamic drag. Secondly, if to clean the machine immediately, then less time will need to warm the glass and mirrors, which means less will work the appliances. All this, though slightly, but will reduce the consumption of gasoline.

Bus. Need to monitor the pressure in the wheels. If the tires are at half-mast, it means they’ll create more rolling resistance, which directly affects the fuel consumption. This is true especially in winter, as on the pavement a lot of snow, which also load the machine.