Threatening tendency: Only half of the population of Ukraine pays for communal expert

Угрожающая тенденция: Только половина населения Украины платит за коммуналку - эксперт

The price of gas should correspond to the level of income.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the independent expert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky.

According to experts, the price of gas for Ukrainians should correspond to the level of their income.

“Initially we incorrectly set the determination of market prices of natural gas prices, which must comply with the European exchange. This is absolutely not correlated with the incomes of citizens of Ukraine. Hence we have all the problems, since the increase in gas prices has been significant,” – said V. Zemlyansky.

The expert added that we have a rapidly growing non-payment for utility services, shared the communal debt today is more than 50 billion UAH, according to the December data of the previous year. The level of payments for utility payments in Ukraine, only 50%. This brought the rise in price of gas for the population. Only half of the population today pays for communal. Moreover, we don’t know how it will affect further growth of non-payments.

“From January 2019 began to operate the new tariffs for heat, so bills come in February, and only, relatively speaking, in March we will understand what was the level of payments for public utilities in January. Statistics of these calculations,” – said V. Zemlyansky.

According to experts, the trend is threatening, even on the basis of the tariff increase in November 2018, we have already seen negative reaction.