Thoroughly prepared: a resident of the capital tried to pass the driving exam with a camera and headphones

 Основательно подготовился: житель столицы пытался сдать экзамен на водительские права при помощи видеокамеры и наушников

Thoroughly prepared for the exam one of applicants for a driver’s license. However, armed with it is not znaniyami, and a video camera, microphone and earphone. Male for the fifth time tried to get a driver’s license. The first four attempts, as well, and the fifth failed. About this incident the Agency of public services reported to the police. The man, however, may again try his luck on the re-exam.

This event occurred on Saturday, in the Metropolitan division, the qualification of the drivers. With the help of attached on the chest camera, the candidate showed his accomplice exam questions and answers he had to get through hidden in-ear earphone. Man, it seems, was inspired by the famous Soviet movie, the hero of which resorted to the same trick to pass the exam. The only difference is that he used the radio, reports canal3.

“The Chairman of the Commission noticed some inappropriate behavior of one of the candidates. We found out that he was “armed” with a special device for the transmission of video and receive audio messages. Likely that someone was nearby and watched the exam,” said the head of the Department Agency of public service, George Cretu.In the examination center said that this year is the first such case. And last year was caught three candidates who tried to cheat and used on the exam cell phone. “These people have admitted the violation and was not necessary to take additional measures. Admitting guilt, they agreed to come a month later, the next exam,” said the head of the Department Agency of public service, George Cretu.According to Agency of public services in the past year, 52% of candidates for obtaining a driving license are unable to pass the theoretical exam on the first attempt, a practical exam – 80% of applicants. Some drivers admit that to law was not easy. “Pretty tricky, hard to drive around the city, the traffic, and the theory I passed first time.”” – What attempts did you pass? – With the first. – Can others a little practice, I do not know the existing procedure.”Last year, our country received the right of about 48 thousand drivers.