“This man killed Diana”: journalists tracked down the culprit of the death of the Princess of Wales (PHOTO)

«Этот человек убил Диану»: журналисты разыскали виновника гибели принцессы Уэльской (ФОТО)

American tabloid the National Enquirer claims that tracked down the person responsible for the death of Princess of Wales Diana, who died in Paris on 31 August 1997 in a car accident.

About this report the Facts.

Journalist Colin McLaren found former taxi driver Le van Thanh, who admitted that clipped the car, which drove the Princess and her lover Dodi al-Fayed. Just before crashing into a pillar in the tunnel under the Alma bridge on the Seine river, Diana’s Mercedes collided with a white Fiat Uno, at the wheel which was a La van Thanh.

«Этот человек убил Диану»: журналисты разыскали виновника гибели принцессы Уэльской (ФОТО)

Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul died instantly. Diana, delivered from the scene to the hospital, died two hours later. The only surviving passenger of the Mercedes, bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones was seriously injured and says he does not remember what happened.

22 years after the tragedy Le van Thanh (who has since had a successful career as a bodybuilder) first told reporters about the incident. Previously, he claimed that is irrelevant to the accident. After the accident, he repainted his car white red.

McLaren said that the information about participation in the incident Le van Thanh (Vietnamese origin) deliberately covered up by the French authorities. “The police didn’t want to make it public the fact that the death of lady Diana provoked a French citizen… Data were mentioned in official reports and were not reported to the wider public,” says the journalist.

MacLaren told that to track down the driver, he managed with the help of Rhys Jones. And that Le van Thanh declined to give further details, saying that “it would cause too many complications,” because the case involved “many influential people”.

Rumors that the tunnel at the time of the accident was the mysterious white “Fiat Uno”, who escaped the scene, went a long time. At first suspicion falls on the French photographer James Andanson, who has previously photographed a couple at Villa al fayeed in Saint-Tropez and owned a similar white car. Later, the investigation is still out on the trail Le van Thanh.

But, wrote the British newspaper the Sun, he communicated with the French police, who decided not to indict him on any charges, stubbornly resisted all attempts by the British investigators to question him and insisted on his complete innocence. The man even said that the driver of the Fiat was not it. Although the British investigators held the other point of view and asked the cabbie just to be a witness, not to impose on him the responsibility for what happened.

As a result, in the death of the death of Princess unofficially been blamed paparazzi pursuing her car. But officially killed the driver Henri Paul who was drunk and speeding. Overall, the incident was declared an accident.

We will remind, the spouse of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, started to wear jewelry of Princess Diana.