This is Us : date, plot, cast… Everything about the season 3

This is Us : date, intrigues, casting… Tout savoir sur la saison 3

That you reserve the season 3 of This is Us ? Tele-Loisirs gives you all the essential information about these new episodes.

After a magnificent first season, This is Us has not disappointed with its sequel. The viewers have finally discovered the truth about the death of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), who died of a heart attack after inhaling too much smoke in the fire of the home and saved his family. The end of season 2 gave us a wedding moving, Kate seeming to finally let go of a little bit related to his grief. But he also gave us some visions of the future and the latter seems to be rather dark.

ARTICLE UPDATED 9/01/2019 : a famous actress will play the mother of Beth

This is Us, season 3 – Date of distribution

The series will return to the screen in the United States on Tuesday, 25 September on the american channel NBC.

This is Us, season 3 – Actors

All the heroes of the series will be back : Mandy Moore (Rebeccca), Justin Hartley (Kevin), Chrissy Metz (Kate), Sterling K. Brown (Randall), but also, and this was the concern of the fans, Milo Ventimiglia in the role of the father. Nicky, the dead brother of Jack, will be developed in season 3. It will be embodied by actor Michael Angarano, seen in the series Will & Grace.

The other two characters should also make their appearance, and the series is expected to receive the visit of famous actors, like Sylvester Stallone and Ron Howard in season 2.

Actress Melanie Liburd, discovered at the end of season 2 in the role of Zoe, the cousin of Beth, has been promoted to recurring for season 3. The young photographer will maintain a romantic relationship with Kevin. The actress Lyric Ross, the interpreter Already, the young girl adopted by Randall and Beth was promoted to regular for season 3.

Since 30 October, a new recurring character has made his appearance in the series, Jae-Won. It is played by the actor Tim Jo. He is the campaign manager for Randall.

Beginning January 2019, the production has announced that it has recruited the actress Phylicia Rashad, a former star of the series The Cosby Show, to play the role of the mother of Beth.

This is Us, season 3 – Plot

These new episodes will resume on the anniversary of the triplets Pearson. “We’ll start on the 38 years of Randall, Kate and Kevin, revealed Isaac Aptaker, coshowrunner of the series. All the scenes of flash-forward that we have seen in the finale of season 2 going to be covered throughout the year.”

Despite the darkness entraperçue in this vision of the future, the fans can blow out : season 3 of This is Us will also be light. “We have the impression that at the end of season 2 our family has been mourning and overcome the death of Jack, said the coshowrunner Elizabeth Shepherd. It is a season full of hope and a season that speaks of new beginnings for everyone.”

In the future shown at the end of season 2, Kevin was on a plane with his new girlfriend, the cousin of Beth, in the direction of Vietnam. “We’re going to spend a lot of time in Vietnam”, confirmed Isaac Aptaker. This season 2 will therefore explore the past of Jack as a soldier, and talk about his deceased brother, Nicky. Actor Justin Hartley has already hinted that there would be revelations “shocking”, that would we “break the heart” about the past of Jack.

“There is something liberating to have passed the mystery of the death of Jack and to open a new chapter to tell a completely different story. Be suddenly to write on the Vietnam war, it is different from all that has been done in the previous two seasons.” The production has also launched on this occasion the veteran and novelist Tim O’brien, as a consultant to the scriptwriters.

In terms of chronology, the fans may be shaken. “An episode typical of This is Us , with three brothers and a sister and a plot in the past and, from time to time, we devote an entire chapter to one of the characters. But this season, everything is possible. Maybe it will jump five times in one episode. Pushing our limits”, assured Isaac Aptaker.

Fans can also expect to discover Beth in his youth and also to learn more about Miguel. In particular, one could see members of his family that we do not know yet. Remains to be seen whether we will know, finally, how his relationship with Rebecca has started.

This is Us, season 3 – Photos