Third world: Kravchuk has estimated the probability

Третья мировая: Кравчук оценил вероятность

The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk believes that the beginning of a third world war is unlikely.

The Ukrainian authorities should stop scaring people, said the former head of state in an interview with Facts.

According to him, the Russian Federation and before the troops pulled to the borders of Ukraine, but never spoke about it with such fright.

“…Recently I read a speech someone from the national security Council, which, they say, the third world war is inevitable. Does anyone want to fight?”, asked the former Ukrainian leader.

Earlier, the Russian economist, member of the Cato Institute (USA), a former adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Andrei Illarionov expressed the opinion that open a large-scale operation of Russia against Ukraine are possible.

Help. March 16, 2014 in Crimea under the supervision of the Russian military was the so-called “referendum” on the status of the Peninsula, most of the residents allegedly voted for joining the Russian Federation. Later, the country annexed the Crimea. Ukraine authorities admitted 20 Feb 2014 the start date of the occupation of the Peninsula.

In the East the Ukrainian state in 2014, the militants have established a self-proclaimed “DNR” and “LNR”, in the same year in the Donbass was invaded by Russian troops. Russia supports terrorists, but does not recognize that he went to the aggression.