There was video as the chef fed Messi meat straight from the knife

Появилось видео, как повар накормил Месси мясом прямо с ножа

The Dubai restaurant is the leader of “Barcelona” Lionel Messi has tasted the meat on the rib from the well-known Turkish chefs Nusret Gokce. Star player and he took part in a cooking class, seasoning the dish with salt.

The video appeared on the page in Instagram cooks, writes the Country.

Judging from the video clip, the Argentine was at the restaurant with his wife, Antonella Rocuzzo. He is not only a delicious dinner, and got a free cooking class. The chef cut the meat long sharp knives. Professional was special protective gloves and glasses. The show was a special presentation, when Nusret Gokce quickly cuts meat, looking into the eyes of Messi, and then treats the guest with just a knife.

The video, which gökçen shows her skills of slicing the meat:

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