There are no secret agreements between trump and Putin is not a political scientist

Никаких тайных договоренностей между Трампом и Путиным нет – политолог

There are no secret agreements between the Presidents of the United States and Russia Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin, which they say the media is actually there.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Kirill Molchanov.

“Putin and trump didn’t have any secret arrangements, was simply the exchange of views,” said K. Molchanov.

He said that the developments in the Syria and Donbass is possible, but only in the long term.

“The parties vneglasno could talk about the removal of Bashar al-Assad, on nuclear disarmament of the DPRK, also about the continuation of the settlement of the Donbas conflict by the Minsk agreements. Developments on Syria and the Donbass is possible, but it will in the long run. Likely to continue the current status quo, at least until the us Congressional elections that will be held in November this year. If trump there will be a majority, then the room for maneuver to implement its policy, it will be much more,” – concluded K. Molchanov.

We will remind, will soon be exactly a month since held in Helsinki on 16 July summit, Donald trump and Vladimir Putin and the political establishment, experts and the media on both sides of the Atlantic can not calm down. And talking about the hidden agreements trump and Putin who need to be afraid of.

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