The woman first got into virtual reality and seriously injures himself (VIDEO)

Женщина впервые попала в виртуальную реальность и серьезно покалечилась (ВИДЕО)

In the Matrix, it was argued that the mind cannot live separately from the body, so if there is a risk to die in virtual reality, you probably will die in the real world. But there is also reverse case, when the virtual reality can be too real for the untrained mind.

About it writes Today.

Video demonstrates an interesting situation where the woman was given the opportunity to plunge into the virtual world using a VR headset, where she tried to play a video game. Not really understanding with the office, a woman accidentally dropped a grenade at his feet, truly panicked and tried to run away from the explosion, in the end we hit a real wall.

The next time you try a VR headset, do not forget that this is just a game.

Meanwhile, the Dominicans staged a sex game with air freshener and dearly paid for it.